Institut Montfort School for Deaf and Deaf-Blind Children was founded in one of the poorest section in Port-au-Prince, Haiti by the Daughters of Wisdom in 1957. Starting with a class of seven children, Institut Montfort now boasts more than 650 students. Most reside in the school dormitories because they live too far to travel every day, or they come from families with minimal or no resources. In May 1989, another school was opened in St. Marc. The most recent school in Lavaud, Port-de-Paix was founded in December 1989. In 1990 a new section was opened in the Port-au-Prince school in order to meet the growing needs of the deaf-blind children. The campus in Port-au-Prince was completely destroyed by the 2010 earthquake. Thanks to the generosity of the world community, a larger, more modern campus is now being erected in Santo, Croix Des Bouquets.


In addition to providing basic education, Institut Montfort has introduced an admirable program in sports and fine arts which include dancing, sculpture, painting, crafts and drawing. Vocational classes are also held in cabinet making, tin ware, tailoring, home economics, bookbinding, basket making and cosmetology. This year we are offering High School courses to students who are qualified.

The school provides a gift shop where items are made by the children and sold at reasonable prices. A few years ago, the institute bought a farm near Santo, which is used to teach the students all aspects of agriculture. Excess farm products are sold locally as an additional source of income for the school. In the fall of 2000, the institute inaugurated a pavilion to house deaf-blind children in Segur to ensure that their special needs are met. Recently, construction began on a nursing home that will provide shelter for sick and disabled deaf adults. At the same location in Segur, there is a daycare center and a clinic that provides health care services to the people living there.

The Institute is in full reconstruction since the earthquake of 2010. A great deal has been accomplished thanks to the generosity of the international community and organizations like World Vision and Friends of Montfort. World Vision has constructed a two story-27 classroom building, at Santo. The kitchen and cafeteria are almost finished. The next big project will be the construction of two dormitories, one for the boys and the other one for the girls. Various workshops, visiting rooms, administration building, and the Sisters’ home will be built in the years to come. Yet there is so much more to be done!



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